December 23rd All Events

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December 23rd, 2007 (December 23 2007)DeathMichael Kidd, American film and stage choreographer (born in 1915)
December 23rd, 2007 (December 23 2007)DeathOscar Peterson, Canadian jazz pianist and composer (born in 1925)
December 23rd, 2007 (December 23 2007)DeathWilliam Francis Ganong, American physiologist (born in 1924)
December 23rd, 2006 (December 23 2006)DeathCharlie Drake, English comedian (born in 1925)
December 23rd, 2006 (December 23 2006)DeathMarilyn Waltz, American actress and Playboy Playmate (born in 1931)
December 23rd, 2006 (December 23 2006)DeathTimothy J. Tobias, American composer and musician (born in 1952)
December 23rd, 2006 (December 23 2006)DeathJohnny Vincent, English footballer for Birmingham City and Middlesbrough (born in 1947)
December 23rd, 2005 (December 23 2005)EventAzerbaijan Airlines Flight 217 from Baku, Azerbaijan, to Aktau, Kazakhstan crashes shortly after takeoff killing 23 people.
December 23rd, 2005 (December 23 2005)EventChad declares a state of war against Sudan following a December 18 attack on Adre, which left about 100 people dead.
December 23rd, 2005 (December 23 2005)DeathNorman D. Vaughan, polar explorer and dogsled driver (born in 1905)Norman D. Vaughan Quotes
December 23rd, 2005 (December 23 2005)DeathLajos Baroti, Hungarian footballer and coach (born in 1914)
December 23rd, 2004 (December 23 2004)EventMacquarie Island in the Southern Ocean is hit by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake.
December 23rd, 2004 (December 23 2004)DeathP. V. Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India (born in 1921)
December 23rd, 2003 (December 23 2003)EventPetroChina Chuandongbei natural gas field explosion, Guoqiao, Kai, Chongqing, China, killing at least 234.
December 23rd, 2002 (December 23 2002)EventA MQ-1 Predator is shot down by an Iraqi MiG-25, making it the first time in history that an aircraft and an unmanned drone had engaged in combat.
December 23rd, 2000 (December 23 2000)DeathNoor Jehan, Indian singer and actress (born in 1926)
December 23rd, 2000 (December 23 2000)DeathBilly Barty, American actor (born in 1924)
December 23rd, 2000 (December 23 2000)DeathVictor Borge, Danish-born comedian and pianist (born in 1909)
December 23rd, 1997 (December 23 1997)DeathStanley Cortez, American cinematographer (born in 1908)
December 23rd, 1994 (December 23 1994)DeathSebastian Shaw, English actor (born in 1905)
December 23rd, 1992 (December 23 1992)DeathVincent Fourcade, French American interior designer and socialite (born in 1934)
December 23rd, 1992 (December 23 1992)DeathEddie Hazel, American guitarist (Funkadelic) (born in 1950)
December 23rd, 1990 (December 23 1990)EventHistory of Slovenia: In a referendum, 88% of Slovenia s population vote for independence from Yugoslavia.
December 23rd, 1990 (December 23 1990)BirthAnna Maria Perez de Tagle, American actress, model, and singer
December 23rd, 1988 (December 23 1988)BirthEri Kamei, Japanese singer
December 23rd, 1986 (December 23 1986)EventVoyager, piloted by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California becoming the first aircraft to fly non-stop around the world.
December 23rd, 1985 (December 23 1985)BirthHarry Judd, British drummer (McFly)
December 23rd, 1985 (December 23 1985)BirthLuke O Loughlin, Australian actor
December 23rd, 1983 (December 23 1983)BirthMichael Chopra, English footballer
December 23rd, 1983 (December 23 1983)BirthHanley Ramirez, Dominican baseball player
December 23rd, 1983 (December 23 1983)DeathColin Middleton, Northern Irish artist (born in 1910)
December 23rd, 1982 (December 23 1982)EventThe United States Environmental Protection Agency announces it has identified dangerous levels of dioxin in the soil of Times Beach, Missouri.
December 23rd, 1982 (December 23 1982)DeathJack Webb, American actor, producer, and director (born in 1920)
December 23rd, 1981 (December 23 1981)BirthBeth, Spanish singer
December 23rd, 1980 (December 23 1980)BirthCody Ross, American baseball player
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)EventSoviet war in Afghanistan: Soviet forces occupy Kabul, the Afghan capital.
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)BirthSummer Altice, American model and actress
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)BirthScott Gomez, American ice hockey player
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)BirthHolly Madison, American model
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)BirthKenny Miller, Scottish football player
December 23rd, 1979 (December 23 1979)DeathPeggy Guggenheim, American art collector (born in 1898)
December 23rd, 1978 (December 23 1978)BirthAndra Davis, American football player
December 23rd, 1978 (December 23 1978)BirthEsthero, Canadian musician and singer
December 23rd, 1978 (December 23 1978)BirthJodie Marsh, British glamour model
December 23rd, 1978 (December 23 1978)BirthVictor Martinez, Venezuelan baseball player
December 23rd, 1978 (December 23 1978)BirthEstella Warren, Canadian model and actress
December 23rd, 1977 (December 23 1977)BirthAlge Crumpler, American football player
December 23rd, 1977 (December 23 1977)BirthJari Maenpaa, Finnish guitarist and singer
December 23rd, 1977 (December 23 1977)BirthPaul Shirley, American basketball player
December 23rd, 1976 (December 23 1976)BirthBrad Lidge, American baseball player
December 23rd, 1976 (December 23 1976)BirthDimitris Mavrogenidis, Greek footballer
December 23rd, 1976 (December 23 1976)BirthJamie Noble, American professional wrestler
December 23rd, 1975 (December 23 1975)BirthSky Lopez, American actress
December 23rd, 1975 (December 23 1975)BirthVadim Sharifijanov, Russian ice hockey player
December 23rd, 1974 (December 23 1974)BirthAgustin Delgado, Ecuadorian footballer
December 23rd, 1973 (December 23 1973)DeathCharles Atlas, Italian-born bodybuilder (born in 1892)
December 23rd, 1973 (December 23 1973)DeathIrna Phillips, American television writer, director, and producer (born in 1901)
December 23rd, 1972 (December 23 1972)EventThe Nicaraguan capital of Managua is struck by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, killing more than 10,000.
December 23rd, 1972 (December 23 1972)EventThe 16 survivors of the Andes flight disaster are rescued after 73 days, having survived by cannibalism.
December 23rd, 1972 (December 23 1972)DeathAndrei Tupolev, Soviet aircraft designer (born in 1888)
December 23rd, 1971 (December 23 1971)BirthCorey Haim, Canadian actor
December 23rd, 1971 (December 23 1971)BirthMasayoshi Yamazaki, Japanese singer-songwriter
December 23rd, 1971 (December 23 1971)BirthMichalis Klokidis, Greek footballer
December 23rd, 1971 (December 23 1971)BirthTara Palmer-Tomkinson, British socialite
December 23rd, 1971 (December 23 1971)BirthWim Vansevenant, Belgian cyclist
December 23rd, 1970 (December 23 1970)BirthCatriona LeMay Doan, Canadian speed skater
December 23rd, 1970 (December 23 1970)BirthRaymont Harris, American football player
December 23rd, 1970 (December 23 1970)DeathCharles Ruggles, American actor (born in 1886)
December 23rd, 1969 (December 23 1969)BirthGreg Biffle, American racecar driver
December 23rd, 1969 (December 23 1969)BirthMartha Byrne, American actress
December 23rd, 1969 (December 23 1969)BirthRob Pelinka, American sports agent
December 23rd, 1968 (December 23 1968)EventThe United States won the release of 82 sailors by issuing a writing apology to North Korea for spying on the Communist country.
December 23rd, 1968 (December 23 1968)BirthQuincy Jones III, Swedish-American musician
December 23rd, 1967 (December 23 1967)BirthCarla Bruni, Italian-French model and singer
December 23rd, 1967 (December 23 1967)BirthTim Fountain, British playwright
December 23rd, 1964 (December 23 1964)BirthEddie Vedder, American musician (Pearl Jam)
December 23rd, 1963 (December 23 1963)BirthJim Harbaugh, American football player
December 23rd, 1963 (December 23 1963)BirthDonna Tartt, American authorDonna Tartt Quotes
December 23rd, 1962 (December 23 1962)BirthBertrand Gachot, Belgian racing driver
December 23rd, 1962 (December 23 1962)BirthKang Je-gyu, South Korean film director
December 23rd, 1962 (December 23 1962)BirthKeiji Muto, Japanese professional wrestler
December 23rd, 1961 (December 23 1961)BirthCarol Smillie, British television personality
December 23rd, 1961 (December 23 1961)DeathKurt Meyer, German SS officer (born in 1910)
December 23rd, 1959 (December 23 1959)BirthGeoff Willis, British engineer
December 23rd, 1958 (December 23 1958)EventDedication of Tokyo Tower, world s highest self-supporting iron tower.
December 23rd, 1958 (December 23 1958)BirthVictoria Williams, American singer
December 23rd, 1958 (December 23 1958)BirthJoan Severance, American actress
December 23rd, 1958 (December 23 1958)BirthDave Murray, English musician (Iron Maiden)
December 23rd, 1957 (December 23 1957)BirthDan Bigras, Canadian singer
December 23rd, 1957 (December 23 1957)BirthTrisha Goddard, English television presenter
December 23rd, 1956 (December 23 1956)BirthMichele Alboreto, Italian Formula one driver (died in 2001)
December 23rd, 1954 (December 23 1954)EventThe first human kidney transplant is performed by Dr. Joseph E. Murray at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.Al Murray Quotes
December 23rd, 1954 (December 23 1954)DeathRene Iche, French sculptor (born in 1897)
December 23rd, 1953 (December 23 1953)BirthGrand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia
December 23rd, 1953 (December 23 1953)DeathLavrenty Beria, Soviet Communist leader (born in 1899)
December 23rd, 1952 (December 23 1952)BirthWilliam Kristol, American political commentator
December 23rd, 1951 (December 23 1951)BirthAnthony Phillips, British musician (Genesis)
December 23rd, 1950 (December 23 1950)BirthMichael C. Burgess, American politician
December 23rd, 1950 (December 23 1950)BirthIlchi Lee, Korean educator and author
December 23rd, 1949 (December 23 1949)BirthAdrian Belew, American musician
December 23rd, 1948 (December 23 1948)EventSeven Japanese convicted of war crimes by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East are executed at Sugamo Prison in Tokyo.
December 23rd, 1948 (December 23 1948)BirthJack Ham, American football player
December 23rd, 1948 (December 23 1948)BirthLeslie Moonves, American television executive
December 23rd, 1948 (December 23 1948)DeathHideki Tojo, Prime Minister of Japan (hanged) (born in 1884)
December 23rd, 1948 (December 23 1948)DeathAkira Muto, Japanese army commander (hanged) (born in 1883)
December 23rd, 1947 (December 23 1947)EventThe transistor is first demonstrated at Bell Laboratories.
December 23rd, 1946 (December 23 1946)BirthEdita Gruberova, Slovak operatic soprano
December 23rd, 1946 (December 23 1946)BirthSusan Lucci, American actress
December 23rd, 1946 (December 23 1946)DeathJohn A. Sampson, American gynecologist (born in 1873)
December 23rd, 1945 (December 23 1945)BirthRon Bushy, American drummer (Iron Butterfly)
December 23rd, 1944 (December 23 1944)BirthWesley Clark, American military officerWesley Clark Quotes
December 23rd, 1943 (December 23 1943)BirthMikhail Gromov, Russian-born mathematician
December 23rd, 1943 (December 23 1943)BirthHarry Shearer, American actor
December 23rd, 1943 (December 23 1943)BirthRon Allen, American baseball player
December 23rd, 1943 (December 23 1943)BirthElizabeth Hartman, American actress (died in 1987)
December 23rd, 1943 (December 23 1943)BirthSilvia Sommerlath, Queen of Sweden
December 23rd, 1942 (December 23 1942)BirthJohn Peterman, American fashion designer
December 23rd, 1941 (December 23 1941)EventWorld War II: Japanese Imperial Army occupies Wake Island.
December 23rd, 1941 (December 23 1941)BirthRon Bushy, American musician
December 23rd, 1941 (December 23 1941)BirthTim Hardin, American musician (died in 1980)
December 23rd, 1941 (December 23 1941)BirthSerge Reding, Belgian weightlifter (died in 1975)
December 23rd, 1940 (December 23 1940)EventWorld War II: Greek submarine Papanikolis (?-2) sinks the Italian motor ship Antonietta.
December 23rd, 1940 (December 23 1940)BirthJorma Kaukonen, American musician (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)
December 23rd, 1940 (December 23 1940)BirthRobert Labine, French-Canadian politician
December 23rd, 1940 (December 23 1940)BirthEugene Record, American singer (The Chi-Lites) (died in 2005)
December 23rd, 1939 (December 23 1939)DeathAnthony Fokker, Dutch aircraft manufacturer (born in 1890)
December 23rd, 1938 (December 23 1938)EventDiscovery of the first modern coelacanth in South Africa.
December 23rd, 1938 (December 23 1938)BirthBob Kahn, American Internet pioneer
December 23rd, 1937 (December 23 1937)EventFirst flight of the Vickers Wellington bomber.
December 23rd, 1937 (December 23 1937)BirthBarney Rosenzweig, American television producer
December 23rd, 1936 (December 23 1936)EventColombia becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
December 23rd, 1936 (December 23 1936)BirthFrederic Forrest, American actor
December 23rd, 1935 (December 23 1935)BirthPaul Hornung, American football player
December 23rd, 1935 (December 23 1935)BirthEsther Phillips, American singer (died in 1984)
December 23rd, 1933 (December 23 1933)BirthAkihito, Emperor of Japan
December 23rd, 1931 (December 23 1931)BirthRonnie Schell, American actor
December 23rd, 1931 (December 23 1931)DeathWilson Bentley, American scientist (born in 1865)
December 23rd, 1929 (December 23 1929)BirthChet Baker, American jazz trumpet player (died in 1988)
December 23rd, 1929 (December 23 1929)BirthDick Weber, American professional tenpin bowler (died in 2005)
December 23rd, 1928 (December 23 1928)BirthChronis Aidonidis, Greek singer
December 23rd, 1926 (December 23 1926)BirthRobert Bly, American poet
December 23rd, 1923 (December 23 1923)BirthGunther Schifter, Austrian music journalist
December 23rd, 1923 (December 23 1923)BirthClaudio Scimone, Italian conductor
December 23rd, 1923 (December 23 1923)BirthJames Stockdale, American admiral (died in 2005)
December 23rd, 1923 (December 23 1923)BirthOnofre Marimon, Argentine racing driver (died in 1954)
December 23rd, 1922 (December 23 1922)BirthMicheline Ostermeyer, French athlete and musician (died in 2001)
December 23rd, 1921 (December 23 1921)EventVisva-Bharati University is inaugurated.
December 23rd, 1921 (December 23 1921)BirthGuy Beaulne, French Canadian actor and theatre director (died in 2001)
December 23rd, 1919 (December 23 1919)BirthKenneth M. Taylor, American pilot (died in 2006)
December 23rd, 1918 (December 23 1918)BirthHelmut Schmidt, Chancellor of Germany
December 23rd, 1918 (December 23 1918)BirthJose Greco, Italian-born flamenco dancer (died in 2001)
December 23rd, 1918 (December 23 1918)BirthKumar Pallana, Indian-born American actor
December 23rd, 1916 (December 23 1916)EventWorld War I: Battle of MagdhabaAllied forces defeat Turkish forces in Egypt s Sinai peninsula.
December 23rd, 1916 (December 23 1916)BirthDino Risi, Italian film director and screenwriter
December 23rd, 1914 (December 23 1914)EventWorld War I: Australian and New Zealand troops arrive in Cairo, Egypt.
December 23rd, 1913 (December 23 1913)EventThe Federal Reserve Act is signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, creating the Federal Reserve.
December 23rd, 1912 (December 23 1912)DeathOtto Schoetensack, German anthropologist (born in 1850)
December 23rd, 1911 (December 23 1911)BirthNiels Kaj Jerne, English-born immunologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (died in 1994)
December 23rd, 1911 (December 23 1911)BirthJames Gregory, American actor (died in 2002)
December 23rd, 1910 (December 23 1910)BirthKurt Meyer, German SS officer (died in 1961)
December 23rd, 1908 (December 23 1908)BirthYousuf Karsh, Turkish-born, Canadian portrait photographer (died in 2002)
December 23rd, 1907 (December 23 1907)BirthAvraham Stern, Polish-born Zionist leader (died in 1942)
December 23rd, 1902 (December 23 1902)BirthNorman Maclean, American author (died in 1990)
December 23rd, 1902 (December 23 1902)DeathFrederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 1821)
December 23rd, 1900 (December 23 1900)BirthOtto Soglow, American comics artist (died in 1975)
December 23rd, 1891 (December 23 1891)BirthAlexandr Rodchenko, Russian painter and photographer (died in 1956)
December 23rd, 1885 (December 23 1885)BirthPierre Brissaud, French artist (died in 1964)
December 23rd, 1878 (December 23 1878)BirthStephen Timoshenko, Ukrainian-born mechanical engineer (died in 1972)
December 23rd, 1867 (December 23 1867)BirthMadam C.J. Walker, American philanthropist and tycoon (died in 1919)
December 23rd, 1864 (December 23 1864)BirthZorka of Montenegro, Princess of Serbia (died in 1890)
December 23rd, 1854 (December 23 1854)BirthHenry B. Guppy, British botanist (died in 1926)
December 23rd, 1846 (December 23 1846)DeathJean Baptiste Bory de Saint-Vincent, French naturalist (born in 1780)
December 23rd, 1843 (December 23 1843)BirthRichard Conner, American Civil War Medal of Honor Recipient (died in 1924)
December 23rd, 1834 (December 23 1834)DeathThomas Malthus, English demographer and economist (born in 1766)Thomas Malthus Quotes
December 23rd, 1822 (December 23 1822)BirthWilhelm Bauer, German engineer (died in 1875)
December 23rd, 1819 (December 23 1819)BirthJan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate, Dutch poet and clergyman (died in 1889)
December 23rd, 1805 (December 23 1805)BirthJoseph Smith, Jr., American religious leader (died in 1844)Joseph Smith Quotes
December 23rd, 1805 (December 23 1805)DeathPehr Osbeck, Swedish explorer and naturalist (born in 1723)
December 23rd, 1804 (December 23 1804)BirthCharles Augustin Sainte-Beuve, French literary critic (died in 1869)
December 23rd, 1795 (December 23 1795)DeathHenry Clinton, British general (born in 1730)
December 23rd, 1793 (December 23 1793)EventThe Battle of Savenay, decisive defeat of the royalist counter-revolutionaries in Revolt in the Vendee during the French Revolution.
December 23rd, 1793 (December 23 1793)DeathJohann Adolph Hasse, German composer (born in 1699)
December 23rd, 1793 (December 23 1793)DeathAntoine Francois Prevost, French author and novelist (born in 1697)
December 23rd, 1790 (December 23 1790)BirthJean Francois Champollion, French Egyptologist (died in 1832)
December 23rd, 1789 (December 23 1789)DeathCharles-Michel de l Epee, French philanthropist (born in 1712)
December 23rd, 1783 (December 23 1783)EventGeorge Washington resigns as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland.George Washington Quotes
December 23rd, 1779 (December 23 1779)DeathAugustus Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol, British admiral and politician (born in 1724)
December 23rd, 1777 (December 23 1777)BirthTsar Alexander I of Russia (died in 1825)
December 23rd, 1771 (December 23 1771)DeathMarie-Marguerite d Youville, Canadian saint (born in 1701)
December 23rd, 1761 (December 23 1761)DeathAlestair Ruadh MacDonnell, Scottish Jacobite spy
December 23rd, 1758 (December 23 1758)BirthNathan Wilson U.S. Represenative from New York
December 23rd, 1750 (December 23 1750)BirthKing Frederick Augustus I of Saxony (died in 1827)
December 23rd, 1743 (December 23 1743)BirthIppolit Bogdanovich, Russian poet (died in 1803)
December 23rd, 1732 (December 23 1732)BirthRichard Arkwright, English industrialist and inventor (died in 1792)
December 23rd, 1722 (December 23 1722)DeathPierre Varignon, French mathematician (born in 1654)
December 23rd, 1689 (December 23 1689)BirthJoseph Bodin de Boismortier, French composer (died in 1755)
December 23rd, 1675 (December 23 1675)DeathCaesar, duc de Choiseul, French marshal and diplomat (born in 1602)
December 23rd, 1652 (December 23 1652)DeathJohn Cotton, founder of Boston, Massachusetts (born in 1585)
December 23rd, 1646 (December 23 1646)DeathFrancois Maynard, French poet (born in 1582)
December 23rd, 1631 (December 23 1631)DeathMichael Drayton, English poet (born in 1563)Michael Drayton Quotes
December 23rd, 1621 (December 23 1621)BirthEdmund Berry Godfrey, English magistrate (died in 1678)
December 23rd, 1621 (December 23 1621)BirthHeneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham, Lord Chancellor of England (died in 1682)
December 23rd, 1613 (December 23 1613)BirthCarl Gustaf Wrangel, Swedish soldier (died in 1676)
December 23rd, 1597 (December 23 1597)BirthMartin Opitz von Boberfeld, German poet (died in 1639)
December 23rd, 1588 (December 23 1588)DeathHenry I, Duke of Guise, French Catholic leader (born in 1550)
December 23rd, 1582 (December 23 1582)BirthSevero Bonini, Italian composer (died in 1663)
December 23rd, 1575 (December 23 1575)DeathAkiyama Nobutomo, Japanese warrior (hanged) (born in 1531)
December 23rd, 1568 (December 23 1568)DeathRoger Ascham, tutor of Elizabeth I of EnglandRoger Ascham Quotes
December 23rd, 1556 (December 23 1556)DeathNicholas Udall, English playwright (born in 1504)
December 23rd, 1537 (December 23 1537)BirthKing John III of Sweden (died in 1592)
December 23rd, 1513 (December 23 1513)BirthThomas Smith, English diplomat and scholar (died in 1577)
December 23rd, 1493 (December 23 1493)EventGeorg Alt s German translation of Hartmann Schedel s Nuremberg Chronicle is published.
December 23rd, 1230 (December 23 1230)DeathBerengaria of Navarre, queen of Richard I of England
December 23rd, 1173 (December 23 1173)BirthLouis I, Duke of Bavaria (died in 1231)
December 23rd, 0962 (December 23 0962)EventByzantine-Arab Wars: Under the future Emperor Nicephorus Phocas, Byzantine troops stormed the city of Aleppo, recovering the tattered tunic of John the Baptist.
December 23rd, 0918 (December 23 0918)DeathConrad I of Germany
December 23rd, 0913 (December 23 0913)DeathConrad of Franconia
December 23rd, 0910 (December 23 0910)DeathNaum of Preslav, Bulgarian scholar
December 23rd, 0679 (December 23 0679)DeathDagobert II, King of Austrasia (born in c 650).(murdered)

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